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 How To Avoid Clutter

Have you ever walked into a room and felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff on the walls? It happens to the best of us. When there’s too much going on, your space can feel chaotic. A cluttered space doesn’t just affect the aesthetics; it can make visitors feel pretty overwhelmed and unwelcome.  This is the last thing we want for our brand. 

Here are some ways that you can avoid clutter when beginning to design your walls:

Figure out what walls you want to transform
Picking out your focal wall is a great starting point. This will be the wall, or walls, that first attract people’s eyes as soon as they walk through the door. If you are having a hard time choosing your focal wall, we would be happy to help when we come on our site visit. 

Graphic and signage placement
Once you have decided on what design is going on your walls, it’s time to figure out where to put them. Think about the foot traffic and the type of furniture in the space. It needs to be clear and visible, and not to be covered by different objects in the room. 

Less is more 
We’ve all heard the saying, “less is more,” and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to your walls. Your walls are like a canvas, telling a story about your brand, but too much happening can turn your message into a cluttered mess. Narrow down exactly what you want on your walls. What’s the core message you want to convey? Whether it’s your mission, values, or a captivating graphic, focus on a few impactful elements.

Call us today at (864) 641-1456 and let us help you avoid clutter  and transform your walls to clearly conveys who you are and what is important to you. 

P.s. Check out how we’ve helped other clients convey their message in a clutter-free way.

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