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How long is this going to take?

Decided to show off your brand but you’re wondering how long the process will take? We know that a timely installation is key to transforming your space. That’s why Smash Ink offers a quick turnaround on your custom project. 

Estimated* time, from client approval to installation:

  • Tier 1 –  1-3 week turnaround
  • Tier 2 – 3-6 week turnaround
  • Tier 3 – 6-12 week turnaround

And if you need a project done more swiftly, we can work with shorter timelines to help you show off your brand in no time (rush fees may apply**).

So don’t let the worry of having your project completed on time keep you trapped in a space that isn’t you. Let’s get started today so you can experience a space that creates excitement and pride for your brand.

P.S. Need it sooner? We can rush most jobs for 10% of the total.

*Timelines may vary based on the scope of the project.
**Should your project require guaranteed installation within 60 Days of Proof Packet Approval, the following rush fees will be assessed based on the required timing. Tier 1-2 Rush Fees are subject to the job. Tier 3 Rush Fees: 0-30 Days of Proof Packet Approval –  20% of project total not to exceed $5,000. 30-60 Days of Proof Packet Approval –  10% of the Project Total not to exceed $2,500.