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Kids Shouldn’t Come Home With Bloody Noses

About a year ago we were on a site visit to an elementary school. We kept noticing small round stickers, about 3ft off the ground, on all of the windows and glass doors. 

Finally, we couldn’t help it anymore and we had to ask what they were for. 

You know what they said? They prevent the little ones from running into the glass. Surprising, right?

So we decided to make sure your kids aren’t coming home with bloody noses and that the school wasn’t having to deal with stickers that were going to be picked at and leave a sticky residue within a month.

Frosted vinyl is a great solution. It looks good, lasts, and keeps the little ones safe. It’s a win for everyone.

There’s really no better option to upgrade your windows. Schedule a FREE site visit and we will come help you spot the potential for frosted vinyl. 

frosted vinyl