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Dimensional Lettering, Printed Wall Covering, Cabinet Buildout
Spartanburg High School
June 2019 - Present

Transforming Learning Spaces: A Case Study on Spartanburg High School


In the heart of Spartanburg, Spartanburg High SChool was in need of a visual makeover to better represent their vibrant sports culture and pride. This case study explores how Smash Ink’s design expertise transformed these spaces into a dynamic showcase of Spartanburg High School’s identity.

The Challenge

The challenge was clear: to transform Spartanburg High School’s athletic and academic areas into visually engaging but cohesive spaces that captured the spirit of the school’s identity. The spaces needed to reflect both the school’s rich history and its athletic excellence.

The Solution

Smash Ink’s comprehensive signage and graphics strategy addressed multiple areas within the school.

Athletic Facility

Printed Wall Coverings: Smash Ink began by installing printed wall coverings throughout the Athletic Facility. These coverings featured brand support elements, creating a dynamic environment.

Illuminated Dimensional Viking Icons: To emphasize the Viking theme, illuminated dimensional Viking icons were strategically placed, adding grandeur and pride.

Dimensional “This Is Spartanburg” Lettering: The statement “This Is Spartanburg” in dimensional lettering with gold-foil edge accents became a central focal point, reinforcing the school’s identity and commitment to excellence.

History Wall

Cabinet Buildout: A dedicated History Wall was designed with a cabinet buildout featuring printed cabinet panels. These panels showcased significant moments in Spartanburg High School’s history.

Viking Arena

Dimensional Lettering and Viking Icon: Dimensional lettering and a Viking icon served as powerful symbols of Spartanburg High School’s athletic excellence.

Wayfinding Signage

Printed Corner and Inset Graphics: To aid navigation, printed corner and inset graphics were strategically placed, ensuring students and visitors could easily find their way around the facility.

Dimensional Metal Lettering: Dimensional metal lettering provided a premium and durable solution for clear wayfinding signage.


The results were impressive and immediate. Spartanburg High School became a standard of excellence for District 7 Schools. Students and visitors were greeted with vibrant visuals, historical context, and clear wayfinding, enhancing their overall experience.


This case study highlights how Smash Ink’s expertise in signage and graphics can breathe new life into athletic and academic spaces, making them work together in a complementary environment.

Project Features

  • Acrylic Lettering
  • Cabinet Buildouts
  • LED Lighting on Logos
  • Wayfinding Corner Wraps
  • Cast Aluminum Lettering
  • History Wall Buildout