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Rocky Creek Baptist Church
April 2022

Transforming Places Of Worship: A Case Study on Rocky Creek Baptist Church


Rocky Creek Baptist Church, a thriving and established church, sought to enhance its facilities with signage and graphics that would not only unify its staff and congregation but also create an engaging learning environment for children. Smash Ink collaborated with the church to develop a comprehensive signage and graphics plan. This case study delves into how Smash Ink’s solutions played a role in fostering unity, communication, and a dynamic learning environment within Rocky Creek Baptist Church.

The Challenge

Rocky Creek Baptist Church faced the challenge of creating an environment that would unify its staff and congregation around common goals while providing an exciting and engaging learning atmosphere for its children. The goal was to use signage and graphics to communicate the church’s values, history, and mission effectively.

The Solution

Smash Ink developed a comprehensive signage and graphics strategy that addressed various areas within the church, ensuring that each space served a specific purpose in unifying the community and engaging children.

Staff Wing Graphics

Wood and Dimensional Hall Displays with Faux Greenery: In the staff wing, wood and dimensional hall displays were designed with faux greenery to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, fostering a sense of unity among the church staff.

Interactive Wall Panels and Announcement Boards: Interactive wall panels and announcement boards were strategically placed to facilitate communication and ensure that the staff were well-informed about upcoming events.

Printed Counseling Room Wall Mural: A printed wall mural in the counseling room served as a calming and inspiring backdrop for pastoral counseling, creating a welcoming and supportive environment.

Curved Wall Graphics

Printed Wall Mural: A printed wall mural on a curved wall became a striking focal point, visually connecting different areas of the church. It also communicated the church’s mission and values.

Dimensional Wall Graphics and Logo: Dimensional wall graphics and the church’s logo were incorporated into the curved wall design, reinforcing the church’s identity.

Kids Area Graphics

Printed Wall Murals and Dimensional Lettering: The kids’ area was transformed with printed wall murals and dimensional lettering in halls and classrooms, creating a vibrant and engaging learning environment.

Illuminated Logos: Illuminated logos in the halls added a touch of excitement and created a visually appealing atmosphere for children.

Printed and Dimensional Check-In Area Graphics: The check-in area was made more welcoming and exciting with printed and dimensional graphics that helped both children and parents feel at ease.

History Wall

Printed Wall Mural: The history wall featured a printed wall mural that celebrated the church’s history, creating a connection between past and present.

Dimensional Lettering and History Panels: Dimensional lettering and history panels added depth and authenticity to the history wall, telling the church’s story in a compelling and visual way.


The implementation of Smash Ink’s signage and graphics solutions at Rocky Creek Baptist Church had a positive impact. The staff and congregation felt a sense of unity and purpose, as the signage and graphics effectively communicated the church’s values and mission. The children’s area was transformed into an engaging and dynamic learning environment, fostering a love for faith and learning.


This case study exemplifies how Smash Ink’s expertise in signage and graphics can foster unity, communication, and engagement within an already thriving church.

Project Features

  • Painted Acrylic Lettering
  • Accent Wall Foliage
  • Backlit LED Signage
  • Designed w/ Digital Sigange
  • Woodworking