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Printed Wallpaper, LED Signage, Acrylic Panels
Rigsby's (All Locations)
2020 - Present

Transforming Places Business: A Case Study on Rigsby’s


Rigsbys, a premier destination for smoked burgers, wings, and grill classics, embarked on a mission to transform its restaurants in Boiling Springs and Spartanburg into inviting and fun dining experiences. Smash Ink was enlisted to reimagine the visual identity of Rigsbys through creative signage and graphics. This case study explores how Smash Ink’s innovative solutions played a role in reshaping Rigsbys into a fun and welcoming restaurant.

The Challenge

Rigsbys faced the challenge of redesigning its restaurant interiors to create a comfortable and exciting ambiance that resonated with the essence of smoked burgers, wings, and grill cuisine. The goal was to differentiate the Boiling Springs and Spartanburg locations while ensuring both retained the commonality of Rigsbys’ culinary identity.

The Solution

Smash Ink developed a comprehensive signage and graphics strategy that catered to the distinct needs and character of each Rigsby’s location.

Boiling Springs Location

Printed Acrylic Photo Panels: Printed acrylic photo panels were introduced to showcase the local essence of Boiling Springs, evoking a sense of community and connection for diners while adding visual appeal to the restaurant’s atmosphere.

Dimensional Lettering and Wall Graphics: Dimensional lettering and wall graphics were strategically used to convey Rigsbys’ brand identity. These elements played a crucial role in setting the restaurant’s tone.

Spartanburg Location

Printed Wall Murals: The Spartanburg location was equipped with printed wall murals that captured the spirit and energy of Rigsby’s. These murals enriched the dining experience.

Dimensional Lettering and Wall Graphics: Similar to the Boiling Springs location, dimensional lettering and wall graphics were utilized to reinforce the restaurant’s brand, creating a comfortable and visually appealing atmosphere.

Dimensional Sports Photos Display: A dynamic sports-themed experience was created through the installation of dimensional sports photos, providing a captivating environment for sports enthusiasts.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Display with Vinyl Records and Printed Graphics: A rock ‘n’ roll display featuring vinyl records and printed graphics added a nostalgic and thematic element, enhancing the unique atmosphere for guests.

Illuminated Entry Signage: The illuminated entry signage served as a welcome, enticing diners into the restaurant with style and flair.


The impact of Smash Ink’s signage and graphics solutions was evident in the transformed atmosphere of Rigsbys’ Boiling Springs and Spartanburg locations. The restaurant interiors successfully conveyed the restaurant’s inviting and fun ambiance, creating a memorable dining experience.


This case study communicated the significant role Smash Ink’s signage and graphics expertise played in reshaping the ambiance of a restaurant.

Project Features

  • Back-Printed Acrylic
  • Brushed Aluminum Lettering
  • Painted PVC Lettering
  • LED Backlit Letters
  • Full Coverage Vinyl Murals