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Printed Wallpaper, Dimensional Lettering, Exterior Signage
Eternal Church, Rock Hill, SC
2022 - Present

Transforming Places Of Worship: A Case Study on Eternal Church


Eternal Church embarked on an exciting journey of constructing a new building to accommodate its congregation and support its mission. Smash Ink was enlisted to assist Eternal Church in developing and displaying its unique identity throughout the new facility. This case study explores how Smash Ink’s signage and graphics solutions played a pivotal role in fostering a sense of identity, faith, and community within Eternal Church’s brand-new building.

The Challenge

Eternal Church faced the challenge of transitioning into a new facility while preserving and strengthening its identity. The goal was to create an environment that welcomed and inspired its congregation, while also communicating the church’s core values and mission.

The Solution

Smash Ink crafted a comprehensive signage and graphics strategy that encompassed various aspects of the new facility, ensuring that the church’s identity and faith were seamlessly integrated into the space.

Exterior Signage

Metal Directional Monument Signs: Exterior directional monument signs were strategically placed to guide visitors to the church’s entrance, making a welcoming first impression. These signs were not just functional but also served as a visual representation of the church’s presence in the community.

Printed Entryway Graphics: The entryway of the new facility featured printed graphics that conveyed an inviting message to anyone entering the church, setting a positive and welcoming tone.

New Construction Graphics

Printed Mural and Dimensional Lettering: In the coffee station area, a printed mural was installed, complemented by dimensional lettering. This area became a focal point for fellowship, where members could enjoy refreshments while fellowshipping.

Dimensional Lettering: Core values of the church were prominently displayed in dimensional lettering, reinforcing the church’s mission and principles.

Printed Wall Murals with Wood and Dimensional Accents: The kids’ wing received printed wall murals that created a vibrant and imaginative space for young worshipers. Wood and dimensional accents added depth and excitement to the design.

Hanging Directional Hall Signs: Hanging directional hall signs ensured that members and visitors could easily navigate the various areas of the church, making their experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

Printed Murals: In the students’ wing, printed murals helped create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere, fostering a sense of unity and faith among the youth.


The incorporation of Smash Ink’s signage and graphics solutions significantly contributed to Eternal Church’s identity within its new facility. The congregation and visitors were greeted by an environment that radiated warmth, faith, and community. The church’s core values and mission were effectively communicated throughout the building, providing a strong sense of unity and belonging.


This case study shows how Smash Ink’s expertise in signage and graphics can help a faith community develop and display its unique identity within a new building.

Project Features

  • Exterior Signage
  • Frosted Vinyl
  • Printed Wallpaper
  • Wood Accent Panels
  • Painted PVC Lettering