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Vinyl Murals, Dimensional Lettering, Cabinet Buildout
Spartanburg District 7, Drayton Elementary
Summer 2019

Transforming Learning Spaces: A Case Study on Drayton Elementary School


Creating a positive and inspiring atmosphere within an elementary school can have a huge impact on students’ learning experiences and overall well-being. Drayton Elementary School recognized the importance of the atmosphere when planning the new-build. In this case study, we will explore how the implementation of various graphics has transformed Drayton Elementary into a vibrant and engaging learning environment.

The Challenge

Drayton Elementary School faced the challenge of fostering a more inviting and motivating atmosphere for its students. The precedent set by surrounding schools lacked visual appeal and storytelling elements. The school administration believed that a revitalized atmosphere would not only enhance students’ education but also create a sense of pride and community within the school.

The Solution

To address these challenges, the school worked with Smash Ink to create the desired atmosphere. The project encompassed various areas of the school, including the Entry Hall, Cafeteria, and Hall Hubs, each with unique design elements.

History Wall

The History Wall features a timeline of the school’s history, highlighting key milestones and achievements. The wall served as a powerful storytelling tool, connecting students with the school’s legacy. Parents and visitors can also gain insights into the school’s history. Dimensional lettering and photo panels added depth to the display, making the information more engaging.

Printed Murals

In both the Entry Hall and Cafeteria, printed murals were installed to create visual stimulation. The murals not only brightened up the spaces but also encouraged conversation and sparked curiosity among students during meal times and other gatherings.

Vinyl and Dimensional Word Clouds

To reinforce the importance of vocabulary and language skills, vinyl and dimensional word clouds were introduced in the Hall Hubs. These word clouds featured words related to various subjects, promoting various subjects and vocabulary development. The three-dimensional design made the words visually engaging.


The transformation of Drayton Elementary School’s atmosphere had a profound impact on both students and staff. The spaces fostered a greater sense of pride, and a more engaging learning environment that motivated students to excel. Parents and visitors were impressed by the school’s commitment to creating a vibrant and exciting atmosphere.


The case study of Drayton Elementary School demonstrates how strategic design elements can positively influence a school’s atmosphere. By investing in these enhancements, Drayton Elementary not only created an inspiring learning environment but also strengthened its sense of community and pride.

Project Features

  • Print/Cut Vinyl Signage
  • 1" Printed PVC Letters
  • Full Wall Coverage Murals
  • Custom Woodworking
  • Backprinted Acrylic Panels
  • Frosted privacy Vinyl