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Bojangle’s of Western North Carolina
Fall 2018

Transforming Places Business: A Case Study on Bojangle’s of Western North Carolina


Bojangles, a cherished Southern fast-food brand, embarked on a journey to reinvigorate its corporate office in Western North Carolina. The company sought to blend its rich heritage with a modern vision, fostering a workspace that celebrated its legacy and valued its dedicated employees. To accomplish this transformation, Bojangles partnered with Smash Ink, leveraging their expertise in signage and graphics. This case study explores how Smash Ink’s innovative solutions played a pivotal role in revitalizing Bojangles’ corporate office into a space that unifies tradition and progress.

The Challenge

Bojangles’ corporate office in Western North Carolina faced the challenge of rejuvenating its workspace to reflect the spirit of the brand while fostering a contemporary, inspiring environment for its employees. The goal was to modernize the office without losing touch with the brand’s deep Southern roots and to celebrate the long-serving staff members who contributed to its success.

The Solution

Smash Ink developed a comprehensive signage and graphics strategy that celebrated Bojangles’ heritage and culture while introducing a modern touch.

Reception Lobby

Printed Wall Mural: The reception lobby was transformed with a printed wall mural, a vibrant centerpiece. 

Dimensional Logo: A dimensional logo was strategically positioned in the lobby, displaying Bojangles’ identity. The logo served as a visual anchor, conveying both heritage and professionalism.

Printed Acrylic Photo Panel: A printed acrylic photo panel displayed images of long-time staff members in action, capturing the dedication and enthusiasm they brought to their roles. This panel celebrated the invaluable contributions of the company’s employees.

Hall Graphics

Printed Wall Murals: The office hallways featured printed wall murals portraying iconic glimpses of Bojangles’ restaurant culture. These murals added warmth and character to the corporate space, emphasizing the brand’s heritage.

Printed Acrylic Photo Panels: Additional printed acrylic photo panels showcased “action” shots of long-time staff members, capturing authentic moments of their daily work routines. These panels served as a tribute to the dedication of Bojangles’ team.

Printed Vinyl Core Values Graphic: A vinyl graphic displaying Bojangles’ core values was prominently placed, serving as a constant reminder of the company’s dedication to excellence, teamwork, and authenticity.


The implementation of Smash Ink’s signage and graphics solutions successfully transformed Bojangles’ corporate office into a living tribute to its rich history and dedicated employees. The office now embodies a blend of the brand’s deep Southern roots while embracing an innovative vision.


This case study explains how Smash Ink’s expertise of signage and graphics can elevate the identity and culture of a corporate office.

Project Features

  • Back-Printed Acrylic
  • High Gloss Acrylic Lettering
  • Full Coverage Wall Murals
  • Print/Cut Vinyl