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Anderson University, Soccer/Lacrosse
August 2021 - Present

Transforming Learning Spaces: A Case Study on Anderson University


In the competitive world of collegiate athletics, creating a dynamic and visually appealing environment is essential to motivate athletes and engage fans. Anderson University sought to enhance its brand-new athletics facility and men’s lacrosse locker room. In this case study, we will dive into how Smash Ink’s signage and graphics solutions transformed these spaces into a true reflection of Anderson University’s athletic pride.

The Challenge

Anderson University faced the challenge of infusing its brand identity and school spirit into its state-of-the-art athletics facility and men’s lacrosse locker room. The goal was to create an immersive experience for athletes, fans, and visitors while fostering a strong sense of pride and connection to the university’s athletic programs.

The Solution

Smash Ink took on this challenge with a comprehensive signage and graphics strategy that spanned multiple areas of the athletics facility, including the Entry Hall, VIP Lounge, Locker Room Entries, and the Men’s Lacrosse Locker Room.

Entry Hall

Wood and Dimensional Logo Displays: Smash Ink started by installing wood and dimensional logo displays in the Entry Hall. These displays showcased Anderson University’s logo and athletic branding, making a strong first impression on visitors.

Printed Wall Mural: A printed wall mural featuring athletes was displayed in the Entry Hall. This mural not only served as a visual focal point but also celebrated the various athletes.

Illuminated Trojan Icon: The main feature of the Entry Hall was the illuminated Trojan icon. This stunning display not only served as a beacon of school pride but also created a captivating atmosphere.

VIP Lounge

Wood and Dimensional Logo Displays: The VIP Lounge received the same treatment with wood and dimensional logo displays that reinforced the university’s athletic brand. 

Locker Room Entries

Dimensional Panels and Lettering: To enhance the entrance of each designated locker room, Smash Ink installed dimensional panels and lettering. These displays featured a dimensional naming system for each room. 

Printed Header Graphics: The locker room entries were further enhanced with printed header graphics that showcased various Anderson University Athletes.

Lacrosse Locker Room

Printed Wall Murals: Inside the men’s lacrosse locker room, printed wall murals transformed the space. These murals featured scenes of various athletes, inspiring the players as they prepared for games.

Dimensional Logo and Lettering: The finishing touch was dimensional logo and lettering installations, which reinforced the lacrosse team’s identity and school spirit.


The impact of Smash Ink’s work was felt immediately. The newly transformed athletics facility and men’s lacrosse locker room became more than just physical spaces; they became immersive experiences that celebrated Anderson University’s legacy. Athletes felt a renewed sense of pride, motivation, and unity as they entered these spaces.


The case study of Anderson University’s athletics facility and men’s lacrosse locker room demonstrates how strategic signage and graphics solutions can elevate the atmosphere and experience within sports facilities. Smash Ink’s innovative approach not only enhanced the physical spaces but also deepened the connection between athletes and their university.

Project Features

  • High Gloss Acrylic
  • Ceiling Mount LED Logos
  • Custom Wood Panel Walls
  • LED Logos
  • Printed Wallpaper